Trump exposed the venal qualities of the left in the US

 Steve McCann:

In the four years he was President, Donald Trump rebuilt the economy after the policy disasters of the Bush-Obama years, significantly curtailed illegal immigration, confronted and exposed the Chinese Communist Party, and with Operation Warp Speed conquered the China Coronavirus pandemic.  While this list is impressive, his most significant long-term accomplishment may well place him in the pantheon of the American presidents that saved the nation: he fortuitously ripped open the floorboards and exposed the termites stealthily and relentlessly consuming the cultural, societal, and governmental foundation of the country.

During the later stages of the 2016 campaign and the four years of his presidency, Donald Trump’s personal characteristics and the timing of his election caused the ruling elites and the Marxist-inspired American left to become enraged and, thus, to fully expose themselves.  Their collective duplicity, their furtive alliance, and the magnitude of this merger’s covert and disquieting progress in transforming the nation into a one-party socialist oligarchy is now on display for all to see. 

In what is oftentimes referred to as Trump Derangement Syndrome, this anger mutated into a frenzied obsession to leave no stone unturned in forcing Trump to resign or, in the alternative, effectively neuter his presidency and by means of voter fraud, if necessary, ensure that he would not win re-election. 

Donald Trump possessed a trait that the ruling elites ignored until it appeared he could actually win the presidency.  Trump could not only relate to and empathize with the unwashed masses, but he also thought, acted and spoke like many of them.  The possibility of having a man they perceived to be the composite of their stereotypes of average Americans occupying the White House infuriated the elites.  Trump, to them, was a doppelganger for the dimwitted rednecks from the South, the unkempt factory workers from the Midwest, the ill-educated residents of urban ghettos, the unsophisticated farmers, and the vulgar over-the-road truck drivers.  

Trump was also an existential threat to the American left and their decades-old blueprint for achieving political hegemony and transforming the nation into a socialist state.  After the decades’ long infiltration of the bureaucracy and the education establishment that the ruling elites imperiously chose to ignore, and eight years of Obama, the left was convinced their ultimate goal was not only in reach but inevitable. 

By 2018, 40% of all Americans had a favorable view of socialism, for the younger generations (Millennials and Gen Z) it was 49%, Furthermore, 52% of this demographic preferred to live in a socialist country rather than a capitalist one.  Shockingly, 30% had a favorable view of Marxism.  Currently, 51% of those under 40 believe America is a racist nation with a long history of discrimination. The trend over the past two decades is an inexorable increase, particularly among the younger generations, in favoring socialism/communism over capitalism and viewing the United States as an unfair and racist nation that requires transformation. 

Afraid of losing their power base and lifestyles, these trends motivated the ruling elites to tacitly merge with the Marxist-influenced American left in the expectation that the left would join in and defer to an oligarchy dominated by the ruling elites.  Agreement on power-sharing is still tenuous but both parties were convinced that permanent left-wing hegemony was at hand and inevitable.  That is, until Trump’s election threatened the elites’ influence and the left’s ambitions. 

Trump Derangement Syndrome fortuitously exposed what has been metastasizing beneath the surface for many years and is now spotlighted on center stage for all to see.

  1. There is a two-tiered system of justice in the United States based on political affiliation or beliefs.  The FBI, once the most respected arm of law enforcement in the country, is now an appendage of the Democrat party with the Department of Justice their de facto enforcer.  They operate politically through maliciously investigating fictitious allegations (e.g. Trump-Russia collusion), stoking malevolent accusations (e.g. January 6th “armed insurrection”), and pursuing the harshest treatment possible against “wrong-think” transgressors while largely ignoring the anarchists who regurgitate “right-think.”
  2. The federal bureaucracy is a leftist-sympathizing power unto themselves that can willfully destroy a president or a common citizen and face no repercussions.
  3. By exploiting the Chinese Coronavirus pandemic as a vehicle to defeat Trump, the elected members of the Democrat party exposed themselves as petty and vindictive tyrants.  They calculatingly curtailed individual freedoms, initiated unnecessary and devastating lockdowns, provoked unwarranted fear among the populace, destroyed the credibility of the government-based medical and science community, and brought the nation to the brink of economic chaos.
  4. The Democrat party in their pursuit of Trump has been self-exposed to be a wholly-owned subsidiary of the radical American Left which flagrantly utilizes Nazi tactics to achieve their goals. 
  5. The ruling elite/left cabal, determined to defeat Trump in 2020, pulled out all the stops including election fraud to accomplish their goal.  As a result, there should no longer be speculation about election fraud on a grand scale.  It exists.  Further, this same cabal is now audaciously attempting to embed potential election fraud in every state and make certain someone unacceptable to them is never elected president. ...

There is more.

The FBI is again exposing its abuse of power with its imprisoning without trial people arrested for in some cases just walking into the Capitol building when the doors were opened.  They flew to Alaska on a misguided mission to find Pelosi's worthless laptop.

The FBI also fell for the Hillary Clinton-produced Russian collusion hoax which was followed by the Muller probe aimed at entrapping Trump supporters.

Through it all, Trump plowed ahead with producing one of the best American Economies in history.  He improved US relations with several countries including Mexico while stopping the illegal migration into the US. 

One of the goals of the next administration should be to deal with the abuses of the FBI.


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