Biden's lack of curiosity about the origins of Covid

 National Review:

Former secretary of state Mike Pompeo blasted the Biden administration’s efforts to date to get to the bottom of the coronavirus pandemic’s origins, amid reports that the current State Department had ended an inquiry from his watch concerning the possibility of the so-called lab-leak theory.

“They haven’t lifted a finger, as I understand it,” he told National Review in an interview on Wednesday, regarding the U.S. government’s efforts to investigate the COVID-19 pandemic’s origin. “They haven’t even raised it with Xi Jinping, and I don’t know that it was raised when National-Security Adviser Sullivan and Secretary Blinken were in Anchorage. I don’t know that they laid down their demands, nor do I know if they told them in the case that you don’t comply with these demands, here are the costs we’re going to impose on you.”

The former secretary of state’s comments came amid an extraordinary about-face concerning the lab-leak theory of COVID’s origins by major media outlets, Democratic officials, and others who previously had dismissed it. This culminated in an announcement by President Biden on Wednesday afternoon calling for the intelligence community to further investigate and report back within 90 days, noting that community has “‘coalesced around two likely scenarios’ but has not reached a definitive conclusion on this question.” This followed acknowledgement of the plausibility of the lab theory in recent days by Dr. Anthony Fauci, Health and Human Services Secretary Xavier Becerra, and a number of other key officials.

The Biden administration has never denied the findings of a January 15 fact sheet issued by the Trump administration claiming that researchers at a Wuhan lab came down with respiratory illnesses in 2019 and that the facility hosted military research. Officials have, however, kept a cool distance from these revelations, and some even alleged that the Trump administration had, in issuing the fact sheet, “put spin on the ball.

With support for investigating the plausibility of a leak from the Wuhan Institute of Virology now growing, Pompeo suggested it was strange that others had not joined him in raising this possibility in the past. Specifically, he said that top Democratic officials likely had access to the intelligence on which he based his May 2020 claim that a lab-leak origin was supported by “enormous evidence.”

“I wasn’t the only one who saw that evidence. There would have been people in both political parties who would have seen the same intelligence that I had seen and the same data set that I was depending on,” he said.

His comments followed new reports that painted the State Department’s work under his tenure as motivated by an effort to boost an anti-China political narrative to distract from the Trump administration’s handling of the pandemic. CNN reported that the Biden administration had shut down a Pompeo-era State Department investigation focused on COVID’s origins and the lab theory that began in late 2020, over concerns about the “legitimacy of the findings” and “an ineffective use of resources.”

But the CNN piece, Pompeo said, had asserted the inverse of what actually took place with the department’s efforts to uncover more information about the pandemic’s origins. He said the investigation had not been started to cover for his claims last year that the virus could have leaked from a lab — and in fact, that a broader inquiry into the disease’s origins had begun in January 2020 in an effort to prevent the loss of American lives.

I think it was Democrat Trump Derangement Syndrome that motivated the Democrats under Biden to ignore the evidence and the science behind the evidence.  Democrats have been consumed with Trump-hatred since 2015 and have engaged in several bogus theories about Trump and his administration.  This hatred by Democrats has done damage to the country as a whole and it is also keeping them from investigating leads about the origin of the virus.


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