False allegations of rape in extortion plot net prison sentence

 Daily Wire:

Wyoming Woman Gets 21 Months In Prison For False Accusation of Rape, Attempt To Extort Victim


Rachael Myla Stagner, 36, was sentenced to 21 months in prison, just under two years, for falsely accusing a white man of sexually assaulting her on the Wind River Indian Reservation, local outlet Cowboy State Daily reported. Stagner was indicted in September 2020 but pleaded guilty in January to making false statements to police.

Her initial claims resulted in an investigation by the FBI due to the alleged incident taking place on an Indian reservation. Even as her story began to crumble, Stagner maintained that she had been sexually assaulted in an attempt to extort money from the man she falsely accused, the U.S. Attorney’s Office said.

“The U.S. Attorney’s Office and the FBI take any allegation of sexual assault seriously,” said Acting United States Attorney Bob Murray. “The resources our offices have to investigate and prosecute crimes on the Wind River Indian Reservation are limited, and false reports hinder and delay other investigations. Not to mention how actions like this belittle the crime of sexual assault and those who are true victims.”

Clearly, some women should not be believed.  Here is another example from the Bangor Daily News:

Former Maine man wins $1.8M after enduring ‘a living nightmare’ in discredited rape case
Nearly 12 years after his then-wife accused him of rape and assault, a former Gouldsboro resident has been awarded nearly $1.77 million in damages against a friend of his ex-wife who testified against him at two trials.

Vladek Filler eventually was exonerated of the allegations after being found innocent of all but one of the charges at two trials. A judge later vacated the simple assault conviction that resulted from his second trial later without objection by current Hancock County District Attorney Matthew Foster.

Filler, who now lives in suburban Atlanta, has maintained throughout the saga that his ex-wife falsely accused him of raping and assaulting her as part of a child custody case that he later won. Filler was granted full custody of their two sons in their 2011 divorce.

These cases go against the mantra of the Democrats in the Kavanaugh hearing that all women should be believed when they allege rape.  Cases should be decided on the evidence and the facts and not on mere allegations. 


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