Texas Gov. Abbott to call special session to overcome Democrats opposition to voter integrity measures

 Red States:

Democrats have officially thrown a hissy fit in response to Texas’ prospective election security law. They stormed off the Texas House floor, denying a vote on the measure last night. The move also ends the current legislative session.

Of course, if you were to ask your average Democrat what is so objectionable about the law, they’d have no answer because it’s not objectionable. Its main factors include things like standardizing mail-in and drive-through voting procedures that were adopted during the pandemic. Democrats oppose doing that because they apparently believe living in a perpetual state of emergency when it comes to voting measures benefits them electorally.

This is another in a line of voting reform laws in Republican-held states that have drawn the irrational ire of the left. Georgia has been the most talked-about even though the law was relatively mundane and actually expanded voting opportunities compared to pre-pandemic measures. Other states like Florida and Mississippi also passed measures.

Fortunately, Gov. Greg Abbott was ready to deliver the proper response to this attempt at obstruction. He’s going to be calling a special session soon which can not be ended simply because the minority party walks out.

There’s also a lot of irony in the left-wing response to this. The same people decrying the “tyranny of the minority” and demanding the filibuster be blown up at the federal level are suddenly really happy to see a minority party grind the legislative process to a halt in Texas. Weird, right?

Voting in Texas is easy.  I have been doing it without difficulty for roughly 55 years.  Mailing out ballots that have not been requested is a recipe for vote fraud.   Democrats appear to want to make accommodations for a pandemic permanent.  That makes no sense.


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