Hunter took a Burisma pay cut when his father left office

 Monica Showalter:


So sure enough, the New York Post, in its daily journalistic diggings, found this beaut from deep inside the bowels of Hunter Biden's abandoned laptop computer.

The Ukrainian energy company that was paying President Biden's son Hunter $1 million a year cut his monthly compensation in half two months after his father ceased to be vice president.

From May 2014, Burisma Holdings Ltd. was paying Hunter $83,333 a month to sit on its board, invoices on his abandoned laptop show.

But in an email on March 19, 2017, Burisma executive Vadym Pozharskyi asked Hunter to sign a new director's agreement and informed him "the only thing that was amended is the compensation rate."

"We are very much interested in working closely together, and the remuneration is still the highest in the company and higher than the standard director's monthly fees. I am sure you will find it both fair and reasonable."

After the email, the amount listed on Hunter's monthly Burisma invoices was reduced to $41,500, effective from May 2017.

Gee.  Joe in office?  The money flows.  Joe out of office?  Much less cash to be paid.  Funny how that happens.

And no, this wasn't based on some oil or natural gas bust going on in Europe, energy prices being volatile things that can affect profits of companies.  Nope, prices of natural gas imports in Europe were largely flat at the time (see the second chart on the "interactive" tab), meaning Burisma's profits were likely steady at the time.  Burisma is a secretive private company run by Ukrainian oligarchs, so there are no books to look at to check to see if profits were down and everyone had to have a pay cut.  In 2017, Burisma was actually expanding operations, which doesn't happen to companies that are losing money, so it's unlikely that that pay cut was based on market conditions.

According to Reuters:

In an upbeat 2017 promotional video, Burisma presents itself as an energy company looking to expand beyond Ukraine's borders. Photographs of Hunter Biden and the other four board members appear over the company's "key corporate governance principles: leadership, efficiency, remuneration and transparency."

Coincidences, coincidences.  It sounds as if maybe the company had less use for Hunter with old dad, "the big guy" as Hunter put it, out of office.  No office, no influence — sorry, Hunter, you're just not as "expert" as Joe says now that Joe is out of office.  Take this salary cut and be happy.


Imagine that.

I think the Democrats who defended this selling of the Office of the Vice President need to apologize to Trump for their bogus impeachment effort too.  They were using impeachment as a cover-up of a Biden scandal.   This is just one example of how Joe and Hunter Biden monetized the Office of the Vice President.  Is it too late to impeach Biden for his participation in corruption?   BTW, the media and Big Tech also appear complicit in the cover-up of this corruption.  This is looking like another example of "Democrat privilege."  Showalter has more on how Clinton monetized his position.

See, also:

Joe Biden lied about his involvement in Hunter's Ukrainian affairs

Don't hold your breath waiting for the mainstream media to admit they were wrong when they denigrated the Hunter laptop story.  They were complicit in a fraud on the voters.


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