US ill prepared for cyber attacks?

 Washington Examiner:

Former National Security Agency chief Keith Alexander warned that the United States is "not ready" to combat against a potential flurry of cyberattacks from Russia and China.

On Sunday, Alexander said hacks from the two nations are "more blatant than" any he's ever seen throughout his "whole career." The former NSA boss said President Joe Biden's March 12 executive order, which was intended to bolster the country's response to cyberattacks through coordination with the private sector, is a step in the right direction, adding that more needs to be done.

“Both Russia and China are challenging us in this space, and it’s shown that we’re not ready," he told ABC's Martha Raddatz. "I think the executive order has some part of it, [but] we have to go faster. In my experience, the private sector is ready, they’re pushing forward.”


U.S. vulnerabilities were exposed both during the Russian SolarWinds Hack last year and the Colonial Pipeline breach earlier in the month, which roiled the country's supply of gasoline and caused widespread shortages down the East Coast. The Colonial compromise was said to have been perpetuated by the criminal enterprise DarkSide, though Alexander posited that the group may have been associated with the Kremlin.

“And the Colonial Pipeline, even though they claim that was from hackers, I believe they’re associated somehow. They’re sending a message, and they’re doing it blatantly, and they’re going after our intelligence system, and they’re saying, ‘We can do this.’ We’ve got to fix it.”


There is more. 

They need to not only have defensive measures in place but also should have counterattacks planned to deal with the perps.


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