The case against racial preferences

 Power Line:


Gail Heriot’s chapter recalling Mosk’s opinion goes on to make out the deepest problem with race-based admissions:

But if anything can cause good-faith supporters [of race-based admissions] to stop and reconsider, it is the mounting empirical research showing that race-preferential admissions policies are doing more harm than good, even for their intended beneficiaries. If this research is right, we now have fewer, not more, African-American physicians, scientists, and engineers than we would have had if colleges and universities had followed race-neutral policies. We have fewer college professors, too, and likely fewer lawyers. Ironically, preferential treatment has made it more difficult for talented African-American and Hispanic students to enter high-prestige careers.

No one should want to support race-preferential admissions policies if their effects are precisely the opposite of what was hoped for.


There is much more.

I think it has done more harm than good for minorities.   


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