The phantom of ‘white supremacy’ is Biden hype

 NY Post:

Team Biden keeps hyping a basically phony ‘domestic violent extremism’ threat

With illegal migrants crossing the southern border by the hundreds of thousands and setting new records by the month, the Department of Homeland Security’s top priority — somehow — is “domestic violent extremism,” and it doesn’t even mean Antifa.

“President Joe Biden’s top appointees have called white supremacists the greatest security threat to the country and are pushing for bolstered intelligence gathering,” the Associated Press reported last week, noting that DHS “plans to ramp up social media tracking as part of an enhanced focus on domestic violent extremism,” for which the department has opened a new office in its intelligence branch.


They keep chasing this elusive phantom of “white supremacy” while ignoring real problems.   The real problems like illegal immigration continue to fester and grow.  This is one of the most incompetent administrations his history.

They remind me of the movie Dr. Strangelove where  officials were concerned about an enemy going after “precious bodily fluids.”


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