The attempt to entrap Trump with obstruction of justice fails

 Ed Morrissey:

OLC memo to Barr: We wouldn't have charged Trump with obstruction even as a private citizen

In other words, Trump’s status as president isn’t what saved him from prosecution in the end. Mueller didn’t make enough of a case for prosecution even if Trump had been a private citizen at that point, at least in the view of the OLC attorneys. Furthermore, the OLC urged Barr to make a decision on whether Trump broke the law at all, arguing that the DoJ shouldn’t be left in the position of assigning political blame but only prosecuting crimes....

I have long thought the special counsel ploy against Trump was an attempt to entrap him in an obstruction of justice charge since the FBI and DOJ already knew the Russian collusion hoax was a garbage allegation created by Hillary Clinton and her cohorts.  In the end, Trump's attorneys handled the situation in a way that did allow them to concoct an obstruction charge for an investigation of a non-existent collusion case.  The whole operation looks like a poorly disguised illegal coup attempt.


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