Trump accuses Biden of destroying the country

 NY Post:

Former President Donald Trump blasted President Biden on his handling of China, the Middle East and the crisis at the southern border, saying his successor is “destroying our country.”

“All he had to do is nothing,” the former president said on Newsmax’s “Dick Morris Democracy” on Saturday. “We won’t have a country; they’re destroying our country.”

Trump said his administration’s work on the Mexican border was overturned by Biden and created the situation that exists there today.

“If he would have done nothing, we would have had right now the strongest border in history,” Trump told Dick Morris.

“I had everything worked out with the other countries, whether it’s Guatemala, Honduras, El Salvador, Mexico,” Trump said. “And even Mexico, stay in Mexico. In other words, these people ought to stay in Mexico, and they couldn’t get into our country.”

“And he ended that. It’s just crazy what they did,” the former president said.

Biden reversed a number of Trump’s immigration programs, including the “remain in Mexico” policy that required asylum seekers to wait out the legal process in their home country.

Trump claimed officials in the Northern Triangle countries are emptying their prisons so the inmates can travel to the US.

“We had the strongest in the history of our country,” Trump said. “Very few people [crossing]. Drugs were way down. Human trafficking was almost stopped.”

“You take a look at what’s happening now. And let me tell you: They’re letting people from prisons. They’re opening their prisons. Their prisoners are coming in, their murderers, their drug addicts, and drug dealers, by the way,” he said.

“And the human traffickers are coming in. They’re letting them in. They want them in. They don’t want them in their country, so they’re saying, ‘send them to the USA,'” Trump continued.

He also faulted Biden and Congressional Democrats for their lukewarm support for Israel after it was attacked by Hamas militants before a ceasefire on May 20 led to a truce after 11 days of fighting.

Biden and the Democrats want these people in the country to help them steal House seats since they can't get enough citizens to vote for their crappy policies.  Democrats also want to change the voting laws doing away with voter integrity measures and would allow the illegals to vote.  Biden is also distributing these people around the country to try to flip red states.


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