Red States have better employment record than most blue states

 Epoch Times:

Red states, along with Democrat-controlled Vermont, topped the charts in lowest unemployment rates in April, while blue states recorded the highest jobless rates, according to the Commerce Department.

In a May 21 statement, the Commerce Department announced that the top five states with the highest unemployment rates in April were Hawaii at 8.5 percent, followed by California at 8.3 percent, New Mexico and New York both at 8.2 percent, and Connecticut at 8.1 percent. All five states have Democrat trifectas, meaning their governorships and state houses and senates are Democrat-controlled.

At the same time, the top four states with the lowest jobless rates in April all have Republican trifectas: Nebraska, New Hampshire, South Dakota, and Utah, with 2.8 percent each. Vermont, with a Democrat-controlled state House and Senate and a Republican governor, came in fifth, with an unemployment rate of 2.9 percent.

Overall, 31 states had unemployment rates lower than the U.S. national average of 6.1 percent, with 26 of them red. Of the 19 states and the District of Columbia with jobless rates higher than the national average, 14 are blue.


Lockdowns were probably a major cause of employment problems in some of these states such as California.  Hawaii is a state that is highly dependent on the hospitality business and people were avoiding travel to some extent.  New Mexico was also likely hurt by Biden's energy policies since he was shutting down new production on federally controlled sites like much of New Mexico has. 


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