Biden is the disaster brought to you by Democrats

 Stephen Kruiser:


Once more, with feeling: the Biden kinda/sorta presidency thus far is an unmitigated disaster. True, there are partisans out there who are so invested in hating Donald Trump that they’re willing to tell themselves otherwise but that doesn’t change reality. We call these people unwell. Harsher terms could be used, but I’m in a generous mood today. We’ll get back to referring to them as bottom-feeding participants in a moronic mass-delusion tomorrow.

Can’t you just feel the positivity radiating from me?

Here’s a partial list of Biden disasters thus far: the Mexican border, inflation, the overnight vanishing of the peace Trump brokered in the Middle East, gas lines, and endless press reporting about his stupid dogs.

Oh yeah, what he does to the English language when he speaks in public has been pretty brutal too.

The only thing that Team Dumpster Fire can point to as a success has been the widespread rollout and administration of the COVID-19 vaccine, which has gone very well. Biden, Democrats, and their flying monkeys in the media are all doing victory laps over this but the man they love to hate reminded them that he’s the reason they’re in this position.

Tyler has the story:

“New United States COVID cases, because of the record-breaking development of the vaccine and its early purchase and distribution by the Trump Administration, has hit its lowest level in more than one year, and falling fast,” the former president said.

“I want to thank all within the Trump Administration who pushed so hard for a vaccine and got it done in less than nine months when everybody was saying it would take at least 3-5 years, and probably not happen,” Trump added. “Without the vaccine the world would be a much different place right now.”

Trump also thanked the U.S. military “for its incredible distribution and logistical planning.”

“Operation Warp Speed and our decision to purchase billions of dollars of vaccine before it was even approved, has been ‘One of the greatest miracles of the ages,’ according to many,” the former president concluded. “Thank you!”

While the Democrats are pretending that the COVID vaccine appeared out of the clouds like Brigadoon on the morning that Biden was inaugurated, those of us dwelling on the sane side of the street remember the effort of Trump and his administration to make it a reality. They did it while being constantly excoriated by Democrats for even saying it could be done quickly. The press repeatedly said it was irresponsible of Trump to promise a vaccine by the end of 2020. Most of the Democrats now pretending it’s Biden’s thing were saying that any vaccine developed under Trump shouldn’t be trusted and that they wouldn’t be getting it.

Yeah, the very people now try to shame and force skeptics into getting the COVID vaccine were the original COVID anti-vaxxers.

At this rate, the lying Dems may start crediting Biden with the fall of the Soviet Union just to try and put an extra coats of lipstick on this pig of an administration.


If the Democrats did not have the mainstream media covering for their screw-ups they would be in even deeper trouble than they are currently headed for.  They are quickly making Trump look like a smart guy that they spend a lot of time trying to prove otherwise.


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