Memorial day message

 I was assigned to the 3rd Marine Division Communication Center when I got orders to go to Vietnam.  I became the Asst. Commander of the center which received and routed all messages to the various commanders in the division.  It was an interesting job and included a top-secret mission to Khe Sanh shortly after the siege was lifted.

I later got orders to join Mike Company 3/3 as Executive Officer.  On the day I rode a chopper to join the company in Northern I Corps I saw a stack of bodies that were to be taken out by the chopper I rode in on.  The evening before I joined the unit there was an unusual fire-fight.  The company was marching up to a hill where they planned to spend the night and Marines maneuvered platoons to set up a perimeter.  At the same time, an NVA force was marching across the hilltop.  A firefight ensued and there were heavy casualties on both sides.  I think about those Marines who gave all on days like this.  

It is a day to think about all of those who sacrificed for this country.


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