Democrats try to hide list of liberal judges they want to appoint

Ken Blackwell:
If hypocrisy equals people, Democrats in Washington are China. The latest example of such bold duplicity by the Democratic Party is the secret "A-list" of potential Supreme Court (SCOTUS) judges Democrats refuse to reveal while they turn blue on Capitol Hill screaming for more transparency from the Trump administration.

Democrat leaders and activists working for Alliance for Justice are keeping their SCOTUS list under lock and key. Why? What do Democrats want to hide? Perhaps it's the fact that this list of potential justices for SCOTUS contains the names of the most liberal, activist judges in the land? Maybe it's because this secret list of potential justices would turn off moderate Democrat voters? If not, why hide the names from the public?
That is quite a contrast from President Trump who listed conservative judges he would appoint if elected.  That was the main reason I voted for him and it probably persuaded other conservatives too.  Democrats know that liberal judges are a turnoff to most Americans and that is why they try to hide them.


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