Democrats cornered by their position of ICE raids?

Thomas Lifson:
Once again, as is his wont, President Trump has maneuvered his opponents into a losing position on an issue of high priority to him. His original plan for nationwide ICE raids on scofflaws who already had their due process and who are ignoring court ordered deportation was a trap for Democrats, as Silvio Canto, Jr earlier explained on these pages:    
So ICE will pick up people who choose to disobey a court order?
The Democrats, who choose to, will now have to defend people in the country who don't obey court orders.  I wonder how that's going to play with the people in their districts who have to obey court order?
Also, these arrests will take place in "sanctuary cities."  Are the Democrats going to criticize federal agents arresting people violating the law?
It's a good move in defense of the rule of law.  It's a brilliant move in continuing to define the Democrats as pro–illegal immigration, in support of sanctuary cities, and calling out ICE agents doing their jobs
Mickey Kaus summed up the untenable position into which Trump has put the Democrats:

If you can't deport people who lose their asylum hearings (because they don't qualify for asylum), why bother having the hearings? Everybody gets to stay anyway. Why argue about whether participants in "Alternatives to Detention" show up at hearings? They get to stay either way.

But a saboteur leaked the plans and as a result of phone calls from Nancy Pelosi among others, President Trump announced a two-week delay – in order to allow for negotiations with the Democrats over changes in the law that he has long pushed for that could solve the problem of purported “families” qualifying for early release into the interior of the United States.
The saboteur probably screwed up the escape plans of the illegals who have been ordered deported.  Are they going to abandon their homes and find a new place to hide for a short period of time?  And are Democrats going to be forced to have to deal with the broken asylum system which is largely responsible for the illegal influx?  Their current position is unpopular with a majority of voters, but abandoning it will give them problems with their kook base.


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