Keeping Biden under wraps

Washington Post:
Biden’s gaffe on segregationist senators shows why aides keep him away from reporters

The former vice president has been the least accessible to the press of all the 2020 candidates. That’s a risky strategy.
This is one of those classic Washington gaffes were someone says something that is obviously true and embarrassing at the same time.  It should be no surprise that Biden and other Democrats got along with the segregation branch of the Democrat party.  They were on the same side on most issues.  The current Democrats are having trouble reaching an agreement with Republicans because Democrats have veered far to the left and out of the mainstream.

But probably the main reason why Biden's aides are keeping him away from reporters is that they fear having to explain the Ukraine and China deals for his son that coincided with his official visits to those countries as Vice President.  Both deals resulted in lucrative contracts for the son who had just been busted out of the service for alleged dope related charges.  There is apparently no good answer to those questions.


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