What is wrong with prisoners learning a trade that benefits government entities like a school

NY Times:

Student Journalist Uncovers High School’s Use of Prison Labor

Spencer Cliche, a high school senior in Massachusetts, conducted a monthlong investigation into his school’s use of prison labor to reupholster auditorium seats.
These programs benefit the prisoners and the schools.   I recall that when I first went to work for the State of Texas as a lawyer, I was given some run down chairs for my office.  I learned that I could send them to the Texas Department of Corrections to be refurbished and they came back in beautiful condition and were the envy of others in the office who had newer furniture.  I thought this was a win-win deal for me and the prisoners who were exhibiting craftmanship that would benefit them when they left prison.  I suspect the same thing applies to those doing the work for the school.  If prison becomes a learning experience for the inmates it is living up to its job of correction. 


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