How about this climate change?

Daily Mail:

Colorado blasted with nearly two FEET of snow on first day of Summer while derecho leavesThe latest snowfall in nearly 100 years hit Steamboat Springs, Colorado on Friday (left), as 14 states were blasted with severe thunderstorms and wind damage that left three dead. The weather system referred to as 'derecho' struck 1,000 miles of the US, from the Midwest to coastal South Carolina. Those who didn't survive the storm included Michael Birge, 38, of Kentucky, a 48-year-old woman in Illinois, and Levi Mayberry, 22, of Missouri, all killed by downed trees. Tents dragged to the ground by 50-70 mph in Nashville, Tennessee are shown at right, at the top. Flash flooding stranded drivers in Kansas City (shown at right, at bottom).
It is not hot.


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