Socialism still sucks in Cuba

Silvio Cantu Jr.:
Many years ago, my mother used to say "me voy a la cola" or loosely translated to "I am going to stand in line." Back then, they were ration lines from "a" to "z." My mother carried "una tarjeta" or a ration card where the merchant would mark how many ounces of this or that she got this week.
Not much has changed, as we see in this report by the Wall Street Journal:

Pushed by the implosion of top ally Venezuela and sanctions imposed by the Trump administration, Cuba has driven into an economic ditch. The government has tightened state rations. Residents stand in lines for hours to buy scarce basic goods such as eggs, flour and chicken.

The lines are still here. What's also here are the excuses.

Back then, it was "Yankee imperialismo" choking the revolution. We were told that sacrifice made the new "socialist man or woman".

The lines are part of Cuba, again. The excuses always start with President Trump and the U.S. embargo. What's new?

Yes, it's true that the situation in Venezuela has impacted Cuba just like the collapse of the USSR in the 1990s.

However, the real problem is that the communists took over an island that did not have ration lines or where I remember walking down to the corner story and buying that famous "chicle americano."

No more! Communism turned this prosperous little island into an economy that requires dependency on someone, from Moscow to Caracas.
This is what AOC and Bernie Sanders would do to this country if their policies were implemented.


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