Biden has played the race card in the past and now finds it played against him

John Kass:
How will Joe Biden survive next week’s presidential debates now that his fellow Democratic opponents have fitted him for the white hood?

He won’t.

And just days before the Democratic debate in Miami, with or without those cool aviator shades, old Biden looks really old.

Former President Barack Obama and former first lady Michelle Obama could stand on either side of Biden on that debate stage and give him great big protective hugs to protect all that creamy Biden whiteness inside, and it still wouldn’t help him.

He’s toast, after he was tagged as being racially insensitive at best and an enabler of Dixiecrat segregationists at worst.

It’s always his mouth that got him in trouble, but for years he was forgiven his racial gaffes and his creepiness — including getting all touchy feely and sniffing the hair of young women he didn’t know. But then he was Obama’s vice president and so was absolved.

But that’s over now, and Obama doesn’t seem to be sending any protective hugs Joe’s way.

Biden’s taken a pounding from Democratic politicians who are experts at playing the race card, but it’s all well-deserved, since Biden has also shamelessly played that same race card on others.

Biden’s sin is that he’s an old white Democrat who just cracked up on the intersectional highway.
As the post below indicates Biden has other problems.  He is having trouble looking presidential these days.  He has so far tried to stay with scripted events, but he is not even handling those well.  We may need a scorecard to keep up with his gaffes at a debate if he is really challenged.


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