Why have so many climate change predictions been so wrong?

Washington Post:
A climate-focused debate? Here’s what moderators should ask.
I realize the media and other Democrats will never ask this question because they have no real answer.  But how many times over the last 30 years has the UN and others said we had only 10 years to change the climate or we are doomed.  There have been numerous predictions that the poles will be ice-free by now.  There have also been predictions that New York City would be underwater by now.  None of them have been remotely true.

But if liberals are wondering why more people are skeptical of their climate change position, This is it.  It would be interesting to see those who believe in climate change questioned on their failed projections.  As someone who has had to deal with projections in financial documents one of the things you have to realize is that if the projections are not met it is because the underlying data contained invalid assumptions.  With the climate change crowd, no one is willing to say which of their assumptions is invalid, but it is likely that they are overestimating the impact of increased CO2.


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