Democrats outrageous border cruelty

NY Post Editorial:
Democrats are finally acknowledging the border crisis they claimed didn’t exist, yet many still want to deny aid to suffering migrants. It’s beyond cruel.

Nearly everyone now agrees border officials are overwhelmed and conditions at facilities used to hold and process migrants are deplorable. Reports describe children having to sleep on floors, without adequate food or necessary provisions.

Yet many Dems — who for months insisted the crisis “does not exist” (Senate Minority Leader Chuck Schumer) and is “fake” (House Speaker Nancy Pelosi) — are nonetheless now insisting that any emergency aid comes with tough conditions that risk a veto by President Trump.

Indeed, some resist any funding at all, simply because it would pass through Team Trump’s hands. “I will not fund another dime,” vows Rep. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez, arguing Trump can’t be trusted.

Got that? Border officials are detaining migrants in what the freshman firebrand calls “concentration camps,” but she won’t lift a finger to improve their conditions — essentially, as long as Trump is president.

A few other Dems echo her radicalism, but even less kooky ones offer a similar, lame excuse for holding aid hostage: They don’t want funds used to enforce immigration law (which Congress passed).

Hello? A failure to enforce those laws is precisely what triggered the crisis in the first place. Until migrants know they can no longer cross the border illegally, they’ll keep doing just that — and in numbers the nation is ill-equipped to handle.

More important, humanitarian aid should be a top priority. If Dems truly care about the conditions of migrants packed in squalid facilities, they’ll back funding to address those conditions even if some of that money might go to enforcement.
The approach of Democrats when it comes to border enforcement has triggered this crisis.  Their refusal to fix the broken asylum system is primarily responsible for the influx and then Democrats fail to fund the border agents who have to deal with the crisis they have instigated.


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