The Palestinians best option is to agree to Trump's proposal, as in the past they will probably reject peace

Washington Post:
Forget peace. Trump and Israel want Palestinian surrender.

The White House may seek to ply the Palestinians with economic handouts, but it wants the Palestinians’ political capitulation.
What the Palestinians want is Israel's destruction as a Jewish state.  It is what they have wanted since Arabs engaged in the colonialization of Israel from the beginning.  They have created the fiction of "Palestine" as a historical matter, even though it has never existed as such.  Arab's did not really begin migrating in mass to the area until the Jews came back to their historical homeland.  They keep pushing this weird belief that an area once conquered by Muslims can never go back to its original status.  It is why the radical Islamist still lay claim to Spain and parts of Eastern Europe.

The so-called Palestinians should agree to the Trump proposal because they are never likely to get a better deal.

I suspect that Trump will get support from the Arab countries that have decided they can live with Israel as an ally against the threat proposed by Iran's religious bigots.


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