Who has the most to lose in the Iran oil attacks?

NY Times:

In Trump’s Iran Response, Some See a Dangerous Ambiguity

As diplomats try to ratchet down tensions, some of them worry that hard-liners in Iran could be emboldened to further test President Trump’s resolve.
The US is no longer dependent on Middle Eastern oil so there is no real urgency for the US to act against Iran.  The real pressure is on the Asian and European countries who depend on oil from that region.  As they begin to recognize their own dilemma they could put more pressure on Iran.  Trump really controls most of the cards in this situation as Iran continues to twist in the wind as it tries to hold onto its genocidal nuclear ambitions.  What should be clear to everyone is that Obama's deal with Iran was a strategic blunder of significant proportions.  Hopefully, the Europeans are recognizing their mistake in going along with it.


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