Democrat vote buying schemes

Derek Hunter:
There are people in prison right now for bribery. Judges have been removed from the bench for taking bribes, and people sent to cells for extended periods for offering and/or accepting them. So why aren’t the candidates running for the nomination for the Democratic Party for president among them?

You name it, and there’s a Democratic candidate out there offering to give it to people if they’d just vote for them. How is that not bribery?

Want free college? Done, just vote for candidate X, Y, or Z.

Want your student loans “forgiven”? You got it, just vote for one of the candidates promising just that.

Sick of paying for rent? Health insurance? Cable? Cell phones? Food? Housing? You can find a Democrat somewhere who’ll swear it’s all yours, and “for free,” if you simply mark their name on your ballot.

Hell, there’s even one candidate who says they’ll just give you cash, $1,000 per month, if you elect him. He doesn’t call it a bribe, he calls it a “freedom dividend,” but it sure sounds like a bribe.

In total, the Democratic field is offering tens of trillions of dollars in bribes to voters if they’d just pick them to be president. But they are not bribes, they’re new and expanded government programs. Apparently it’s not a bribe if you offer people someone else’s money.
There is more.

Democrats are very generous with other people's money.   What they also want if dependency.  They want people more dependent on the government so if they kill jobs in the process that also fits their agenda.


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