The doctrine of 'attractive nuisance' and border security

The Democrat's immigration policy has become an attractive nuisance which is getting people killed trying to get into the country.  The term attractive nuisance is "a doctrine of tort law under which a person who creates or permits to exist on his or her land a dangerous condition attractive to children, as an unfenced swimming pool, is liable for their resulting injuries, even though the injured are trespassers."

That would apply to the Democrats who do not want a border fence and allow people to try to enter the country by making a dangerous crossing of the Rio Grande.  Thus we had the picture of the father and his toddler daughter who drowned trying to illegally enter the country.  Democrats and the media chose to ignore the attractive nuisance aspect of their deaths and blame Trump for trying to control the border.
It is a tragic illustration of the crisis we face on the southern border.

But for Democrats, it’s an excuse for cheap moralism.

Beto O’Rourke tweeted that he holds Trump “responsible for these deaths,” while The New York Times ran a front-page story all but making the same point.

What Beto didn’t tweet, what the Times didn’t print, what, in fact, no Democrat says is: What, exactly, should the government do about this?

The answer they appear to suggest is that our borders should be completely open. Yet few of them have the courage to say so — because they know most voters in this country disagree.

Oh, they’ll talk about “comprehensive immigration reform” and “amnesty for Dreamers,” but that has nothing to do with the tens of thousands arriving every day from Central America.
They really have no viable answer to the problem and they resist any effort to avoid the attractive nuisance they have allowed to fester.


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