Hillary Clinton blames Republicans for the irresponsible actions of Democrats on the border

Washington Examiner:
Rep. Dan Crenshaw accused Hillary Clinton of "gaslighting" the GOP for blaming the humanitarian crisis on the southern border on Republicans.

"What insane gaslighting. You know Dems have refused to support funding for resources at the border & have offered no solutions," Crenshaw said in a Sunday tweet. "So tell us, if you were President, how would you manage hundreds of thousands of people illegally crossing our border and dragging children with them?"

"After blatantly lying, you’re also fundraising for 'rights of immigrants' using ActBlue, the Democratic Party fundraising platform, so that donor data is collected for the Democrats. Absolutely shameless," Crenshaw said.
There appear to be no Democrats who are being honest about their responsibility for the current crisis on the border.  Certainly, Hillary Clinton is not being honest about the situation.


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