Democrat identity politics is Jim Crow revisited

Washington Post:
Republicans despise identity politics. Trump wants to immerse his campaign in it.

The right’s position on identity politics is a misrepresentation of what identity politics is.
Democrats have been practicing identity politics for decades.  Before the civil rights movement made it easier for blacks to vote Democrats used identity politics to get poor southerners to vote against Republicans.  Now they are using to get poor blacks and other minorities to vote against Republicans.  It is a consistent theme of demonization of opponents they just are exploiting different groups now.

It is a bastardization of politics that rather than focus on issues focuses on alleged grievances of groups and those grievances are in many cases manufactured.  When Joe Biden tells a group of blacks that the Republicans want to put them back in chains he knows that is a lie, but says it anyway to stir antagonism toward the GOP.  It is a form of identity politics at its worst.  It is no different from Jim Crow Democrats stirring up voters against blacks and Republicans.

The result of this type of politics is that it keeps the targeted groups beholding to Democrats whose policies keep them poor and dependent.


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