Democrat candidates pander to the far left minority in this country

Betsy McCaughey:
Events in Iowa this week show the Democratic Party is skidding off the rails.

Nineteen Democrats running for president took the stage in Cedar Rapids on Sunday to woo voters. It was a circus of left-wingers going bonkers for things most Americans don’t want. The frontrunners back abortion any time before birth, abolishing ICE (the immigration enforcement agency), outlawing gas-burning cars, shutting down fossil-fuel industries that employ millions and redistributing wealth.

These White House contenders are veering far left, even though polls show half their own party’s voters aren’t “liberal.”

It’s a worrisome spectacle. For 150 years, our two-party system has provided political stability envied by the rest of the world. Republicans and Democrats put forward broad agendas to compete for the widest number of voters. When one party wins, the other cedes power and cooperates in governing.

Not this time. The Democratic contenders are espousing policies so far left, they leave even moderately liberal members of their own party behind. They are also vowing to destroy their Republican opponent, President Trump.
Most Americans, including Democrats, see abortion as a wrenching, complicated issue. An NPR/Marist poll finds only 18% support third-trimester abortion. Yet every senator running for president voted against a bill requiring doctors to help ­infants who survive a late-term abortion. Sen. Kirsten Gillibrand says there is no room in the party “for a Democratic candidate who does not support women’s full reproductive freedom.” That’s slamming the door on a majority of voters.

On climate, Biden’s already capitulated to the Green New Dealers. Last week he announced his plan to force the US into zero net carbon emissions by 2050, including regulating gasoline-powered cars out of existence. A sure loser with heartland voters working in the auto and fossil-fuel industries.
They are going after the votes of the extremist kooks in the Democrat Party.  While it is unfortunate that there are so many misguided Americans, fortunately, they are a minority in this country.


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