Trump holds firm against Democrat intransigence on border security

NY Times:

Trump Suggests Shutdown Could Last ‘Months or Even Years’

A meeting between President Trump and congressional leaders broke up without a deal but he said talks will be held over the weekend.
Democrats still bitterly cling to their ridiculous opposition to a border fence and stronger border security.  Their proposals for increased detection would be ineffective without significantly increased manpower and cost and would not be as effective as a border wall or fence. 

Where these barriers have been put in placed they have reduced criminal activity by significant amounts, and made it more difficult for people to avoid the legal immigration system.   The people closest to the problem know the best solution is a border fence or wall.  Democrats are unwilling to even listen to the experts who work on the border.  Their opposition seems more emotional than rational.

The people who are out of work right now because of Democrat intransigence are mostly Democrat Deep State operatives.  If Democrats want to get them back to work, they better fund the border barriers.


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