Iran admits it is arming Hezballah to 'annihilate Israel'

Washington Free Beacon:
Senior Iranian officials are warning that terror groups sponsored by the Islamic Republic have been so thoroughly armed that they can "annihilate" Israel in any future conflict.

As the issue of Iran's funding of terrorism—which has grown since it received millions of dollars in cash windfalls as a result of the now-defunct nuclear agreement—continues to plague U.S. leaders and Arab countries, Tehran is signaling that its investment in these terror groups such as Lebanese Hezbollah has provided them with the military capability to destroy the Jewish state.

"Friends and enemies admit that today Israel is in its worst conditions and the fighters in Palestine and Lebanon are at the peak of their preparedness to confront any aggression by the Zionists and end the disgraceful life of the fake and criminal regime," General Ramezan Sharif, head of the Islamic Revolutionary Guard Corps public relations department, said on Wednesday.
There is more.

This admission by the Iranian leaders demonstrates what a strategic blunder Obama's bad deal was.  It also validates Trump's move to not going along with Obama's mistake.  Even Europe is starting to catch on to the malevolent regime in Tehran.


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