ISIS leader believed to have fled last redoubt to hide in Iraqi desert

ISIS fighters are furious at their 'hidden' leader Abu Bakr al-Baghdadi as the caliphate continues to lose ground.

Fighters for the terror cult claim that Baghdadi, aged between 47-48, has 'melted into the desert' rather than take part in their last stand.

Coalition forces continue to close in on the last small strongholds of ISIS territory - about half a square mile in the Syrian Euphrates valley - and surrendering soldiers have reportedly spoken of their anger at their leader.

Mohammed Ali, a Canadian ISIS fighter captured by US-backed Syrian Democratic Forces told The Sunday Times : "He's hiding somewhere. People were angry."

The newspaper reports that western officials in the area, along with other local sources, believe Baghdadi is not in the last patch of ISIS territory but instead is in Anbar, a desert province in Iraq.
I doubt he is alone.  He would likely have some bodyguards with him.  He probably fears engaging in communications beyond encouraging his followers to continue fighting.  I suspect US forces are listening to whatever communication he attempts.


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