Democrats embrace endless bad faith investigations of Trump

NY Times:

After Cohen Testimony, Top Democrats Shy From Impeachment

Senior House Democrats see endless, overlapping investigations as the safer, more damaging course of action against President Trump than a politically fraught impeachment.
Cohen's testimony did more damage to the Democrats' Russian collusion hoax than it did to Trump.  The Democrats and their cohorts in the Deep State and in the media are bent on investigations for which they have demonstrated no probable cause.  It has become a form of bad faith political harrassment.  Rather than investigating a crime, they are trying to create one in much the same way Mueller did with Trump associates who fell into his traps.

These actions may appeal to the kook base of the party who hate Trump, but they are unlikely to appeal to those Trump has lifted out of poverty and government dependency with his economic and regulatory reforms.

In 2016 I was a reluctant Trump voter.  Trump and the Democrats have made me a more enthusiastic Trump voter in 2020.


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