Will Trump have to work with Democrat Senate?

NY Times:

Democrats Have a 60 Percent Chance to Retake the Senate

The Upshot announces its first 2016 Senate forecast. Democrats are defending only 10 seats while the Republicans have to preserve 24.
If the Democrats do take back the senate it will be because McConnell squandered his majority by doing deals with Obama that the voters rejected.  Much of the anger directed toward establishment Republicans that led to the Trump rise came from the disappointment of what the Senate leadership did with the majority votes had given them.

BTW, at this point, a Democrat senate is the least of Trump's concerns.  He has had a much better week since he changed his staff, and Hillary Clinton had to deal with more bad news with the revelations in 15,000 new emails the FBI found that appear to show how the Clintons ran a pay to play scam through their foundation.  It should be enough to make the media that supports her defensive.


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