Blacks are rejecting the views of the race hustlers that Trump mimicked

NY Times:

Black Voters Don’t Recognize Trump’s View of Their Lives

The picture Donald J. Trump has been painting of black America — a nightmare of poverty, death and danger, brought about by failed Democratic policies and leadership — is one that African Americans say is unrecognizable.
Trump has been presenting the picture as painted by Al Sharpton, Jesse Jackson, and the Black Lives Matter movement.  Could it be that they are also exaggerating the plight of blacks?  Or has the media been doing the exaggerating with their stories about Ferguson, Baltimore, and Chicago?

By adopting their own language, Trump has put them on the spot to refute their own characterization.  I never thought he was that clever, but it appears to be working.

One thing that should be inarguable, is that Democrat policies have failed blacks in many big cities in the US that they have controlled for decades.  From schools to neighborhoods liberalism has largely failed many blacks and destroyed their family structure.  


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