Will Burkini ban turn Muslims into terrorists?

The Hill:
The former director of the National Counterterrorism Center on Sunday said France's efforts to ban the so-called burkini, or Muslim swimsuit for women, could result in people connecting with the message of the Islamic State in Iraq and Syria (ISIS).

"Banning the burkini doesn't produce terrorists," Michael Leiter said on ABC's "This Week."
But he said people who already feel somewhat disconnected with their society could be drawn to the terrorist group.

"It does make the people who are already alienated, who are already disenfranchised, in many cases, economically disenfranchised in a place like France, in many of those neighborhoods, and make them say, 'Ah, ISIS's message is true and real,' " he said.

"We can't be French and Muslim at the same time. And that's exactly what ISIS wants that population to think."
This is another one of those statements that suggest that many Muslims are just a few funny clothes away from wanting to commit mass murder for Allah.  Are they really that insane?

Muslim men force Muslim women to wear funny clothes because Muslim men are raised with poor impulse control.  If they see female skin they see it as an invitation to sex.  This has created a Muslim rape culture that is clashing with European and Western dress and has led to sexual assaults being on the rise throughout Europe.  It si especially prevalent in Sweden and has also been disruptive in Germany.

If wearing ugly clothes is the only way to get along with Muslims, forcing Western women to do that might lead to a real rebellion.


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