Trump is the ADHD candidate who lets 'counter punches' get in the way of genuine issues

Erick Erickson:
The bill for Obamacare is coming due and voters in swing states are not happy.

In nine of 11 states with competitive Senate races, at least one insurer seeks to hike rates for Obamacare customers by at least 30 percent next year: Highmark Blue Cross Blue Shield in Pennsylvania wants to jack up average premiums by more than 40 percent. In Wisconsin, three insurers have asked for rate hikes of more than 30 percent. In New Hampshire, two of the five carriers want to sell plans with rate increase above 30 percent.

The potential sticker shock — coupled with the likelihood many consumers will have fewer choices next year after major insurers scale back their exchange participation — creates a potential political opening for Republican candidates, especially since the next Obamacare enrollment season starts one week before Election Day.

This is a great issue for Republicans. It is an “I told you so” moment that plays to voters’ concerns about Obamacare, a piece of legislation that is still not very popular.

But good luck trying to get that message out. On a daily basis, every potential attack on the Democrats has been overshadowed by a presidential nominee saying something ridiculous.

Now it is “Hillary is a bigot” while flip-flopping and flipping again on immigration.
The guy is not the genius that his supporters think he is.  He is letting Hillary knock him off message by responding to her attacks and not moving to the real issues that voters care about.


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