State Department found to have coordinated diplomacy with Clinton Foundation

Washington Examiner:
A set of emails made public Tuesday from Hillary Clinton's top aides at the State Department show Clinton Foundation executives and donors frequently consulted with the secretary of state's office, including by asking former President Bill Clinton to conduct "private" diplomatic discussions on a foundation-sponsored trip to Rwanda.

In the email, Johnnie Carson, assistant secretary for African affairs, said he and "the ambassador believe that it would be useful for President Clinton in his private conversations with [Rwandan President Paul] Kagame to quietly encourage him to defuse tensions with the [Democratic Republic of the Congo]." Much of the rest of the July 2012 email was classified by the State Department before it was released to Citizens United through the Freedom of Information Act.

Cheryl Mills, then Hillary Clinton's chief of staff, later shared "talking points" with a Clinton Foundation executive for Bill Clinton to use on his trip.

The emails preceded a September 2012 swing through Rwanda to tour Clinton Foundation projects, on which a New York Times reporter was brought to document the charity's work.

For example, in one exchange with Huma Abedin, then deputy chief of staff to Hillary Clinton, foundation staffer Amitabh Desai asked in 2012 if the government would have "concerns" if Bill Clinton appeared beside the daughter of the president of Uzbekistan at an upcoming paid speech event after the U.S. government had criticized her heavily. In another instance, Desai asked Mills to approve an idea for a Bill Clinton op-ed that had been floated by Mack McLarty, a Democratic bundler and longtime Clinton confidante.

One email from Dennis Cheng, a Clinton Foundation executive, to Abedin contained the guest list for a foundation dinner that mixed State Department officials, donors and Clinton friends. The guest list included Terry McAuliffe, who was then identified as the "chairman of Green Tech Automotive."
The new revelations demonstrate the need for a special prosecutor and that is probably why the Obama administration will not even consider one.   DOJ is providing a stone wall of protection around administration figures regardless of the facts and the law.


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