Trump in Mexico, not the disaster opponents hoped for

Washington Post:
Trump meets with President Peña Nieto in Mexico ahead of key speech

In his first formal international trip as the Republican presidential nominee, Donald Trump visited a country where he is broadly despised for his vilification of illegal immigrants.
Elsewhere in the Post:
Trump’s high-risk, low-reward trip to Mexico is sort of baffling

Given the low gains for Trump and the high possibility that something might go wrong, there’s a decent chance that the politician for whom this trip is most beneficial is Hillary Clinton.
I think Nieto and Trump surprised most of the liberal pundits by not having a mud wrestling argument.  They discussed border security but did not discuss who would pay for a wall.  At this point, it looks like he probably helped himself if his speech does not resort to insults of the Mexicans.

The trip allows Trump to look somewhat Presidential and that probably helps him since on many occasions he has looked less than Presidential.

President Nieto called the meeting  "very open and constructive."


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