Sheriff says Democrats are desperate to keep black voters 'on the plantation'

Washington Examiner:
Democrats are "screwing around" in an effort to keep black voters "on the plantation," Milwaukee County Sheriff David Clarke said in a Thursday interview, after Republican presidential nominee Donald Trump made a direct appeal to them in a speech in the Wisconsin city earlier this month.

Clarke, a black conservative Democrat, made the comments on the same day Hillary Clinton delivered a speech accusing Trump of racism and on which the Democratic presidential nominee's campaign released a video attempting to associate Donald Trump with members of the Ku Klux Klan.

Clarke said Democrats have been reacting to the remarks Trump directed at black voters. "It was a brilliant political strategic move," Clarke said of Trump's speech. "Nobody saw that coming."

"He caught the Democrats off guard," Clarke added. "They thought he was going to ignore the black vote. They just assumed that. Trust me, they're not showing it and they're not saying it, but that caused them great consternation. Now they have to go to back to some of their strongholds where the black vote is and reassure people, keep them on the plantation."

"Don't let them off the plantation," Clarke said Democrats were telling themselves. "Don't let them wander off like I did. Now they've got to spend resources in areas where they didn't think they would have to. Which is why I say it was a brilliant political move."
Clarke is right about the Democrats and the reason Hillary went nuclear playing the race card.  The "alt-right" has been added to the Democrat attack lexicon.  As someone who has been a conservative blogger for years, I have to admit I had never heard of the alt-right until recent days.  I am sure I would not be included in its membership.  It is such an offbeat group that I am not sure many will recognize them as the bogeymen she intends.  However, those who consider themselves a part of the alt-right are happy to have the attention according to the NY Times:

Hillary Clinton Denounces the ‘Alt-Right,’ and the Alt-Right Is Thrilled

As Mrs. Clinton assailed Donald Trump for fanning the racism of the “alt-right,” a community that tends to lurk anonymously in the internet’s dark corners could hardly contain its glee.
Trump's attack on the Democrat treatment of blacks is one of the areas where I am in agreement with him.  I think he needs to expand the criticism to also include the schools in black neighborhoods where Democrats are keeping the kids in failing schools to protect their teachers' union cohorts at the expense of black children and families.  He should seize the opportunity to push for school choice that would force the union teachers to compete to keep students.


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