Why isn't Trump talking about the Obamacare price hikes?

Washington Examiner:
Many states that have released Obamacare price information for next year are showing double-digit price hikes that are steeper than in years past.

More Obamacare rate increases will trickle out over the next few weeks, with the healthcare law's fourth enrollment season set to begin Nov. 1. The Obama administration is expected to release the biggest rate increases sometime next month, after reviewing plan information insurers had to submit by Aug. 23.

Some of the heftiest price hikes so far are from smaller insurers who cover just a tiny fraction of people without employer-sponsored coverage who buy individual market plans. But in some states, the biggest insurers are massively increasing their prices, creating a much broader impact on consumers, especially those eligible for small federal subsidies or none at all.

Here are four states where at least one in four people — and usually many more — covered with Obamacare plans or other individual market plans will see sizable price increases.
Three red states are in the group--Tennessee, Kentucky, and Georgia.  The fourth state is Illinois.  With the race tightening in states like Georgia, it is political malpractice to not make this an issue in those states.  In Illinois, a GOP senator is running for reelection and needs every vote he can get.


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