The Turks are more concerned about the Kurds than the ISIL Islamic religious bigots

Washington Post:
Turkey’s incursion into Syria threatens to open a hornet’s nest

The animosities risk pitting two groups of American-aided forces against each other, potentially taking their attention away from fighting the Islamic State.
The Turks have mainly themselves to blame for the success of the Kurds in resisting ISIL.  If Turkey had moved in to defend the Kurds and others under attack by ISIL They would be in a much stronger position.   I get the feeling Erdogan was hoping that ISIL would destroy the Kurdish forces and save him the trouble.

Fortunately, it turned out the Kurds were the most competent fighters in the region when it came to resisting ISIL.  Ever since, when Turkey has gotten involved, it has been mainly as an excuse to attack the Kurds and not ISIL.


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