Trump has high hopes for meeting with Mexican President

Washington Examiner:
Republican vice presidential nominee Mike Pence predicted Wednesday that Donald Trump's meeting with Mexican President Enrique Peña Nieto could help set the stage for immigration talks between the two nations at some point, and called it "the beginning of a conversation."

"Well, I think it's going to be a meeting between two leaders. I know that Donald Trump was grateful for the invitation, and like any good leader, he knows that good negotiations begin with good relationships, so what I think the American people are seeing today is the kind of decisive president Donald Trump will be," Pence said on CNN.

"He gets an invitation late last week from the president of Mexico and essentially drops what he's doing to sit down, have a private conversation and begin a relationship where we can talk about the issues that we've got to resolve between the United States and Mexico, but also about the issues that we're both struggling with in common," Pence said. "Today is really the beginning of a conversation. Negotiations will follow this, but it all proceeds out of relationships."

Trump's meeting is set to take place only hours before he will deliver a highly anticipated speech in Arizona on immigration, which comes after deviations from him and his campaign on the issue, particularly on what to do with the 11 million illegal immigrants. In the past, Trump has called for a "deportation force" to remove them, but he made waves when he indicated he was willing to bend on that issue.
I think the chances of a favorable outcome of these talks are remote.  Neither side has shown any willingness to back away from their core positions.  It is a meeting with little preparation and little chance of anything beyond a photo op.  


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