Clinton in virtual tie with Trump in unfavorability

Washington Examiner:
Hillary Clinton's unpopularity soared to a record high August, following several weeks of bad news for her campaign in the form of leaked documents showing donors to the Clinton Foundation had access to her when she led the State Department.

A new ABC News/Washington Post poll said 56 percent of all adults see Clinton unfavorably, up 6 points over the last three weeks. Just 41 percent see her favorably, the lowest number since the campaign began.

And among registered voters, 59 percent see Clinton unfavorably, about the same as the 60 percent who see Donald Trump unfavorably. These numbers make Clinton and Trump the two most unpopular presidential candidates in the past 30 years.

The numbers show a huge slide for Clinton among the groups that she's counting on to win the general election, including women, independents and Hispanics.
Reuters poll shows Trump has made up a 12 point deficit in the last five days and is now in a tie.  Polling has been more volatile this election than any in recent memory.  Some polls still show Clinton with substantial leads and a few, like this one show a very tight race.

Trump does appear to be doing better since he changed his team leaders and began his outreach to blacks and minorities.  Some polls still say he has minimal minority support, but he is picking up the votes of moderate whites who want to see the outreach.


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