Undercover work in Muslim community exposes their loathing of the West

A long-running undercover police operation in the Bedfordshire town of Luton, which has contributed evidence to a recent counter-terrorism trial, helped build up an incredibly detailed picture of the depths of loathing for Britain felt by the men at the heart of the investigation.

Kamal switches on the recorder and speaks into the microphone, stating the date, the time and where he's about to go. And then he leaves the house, leaves his true self behind, and walks towards danger.

The undercover officer has followed this same routine for 20 months - although sometimes it was too risky to be wired up.

With a fake name, fake wife, fake home and fake business in Luton, he was on a high-risk mission to record hundreds of encounters with supporters of a banned jihadist network that can be linked to dozens of counter-terrorism cases over more than a decade.

Three men were convicted at the Old Bailey this week for inviting support for the self-styled Islamic State group.

Inside Court 14 at the Old Bailey, Kamal testified from behind a curtain to protect his anonymity; while the jury could see him, we could not.

... he heard speakers scorn Western values and heap praise on jihadist attacks around the world. They were delivered to audiences of up to 80 people, often including children.

"You hate the kuffar [non-Muslim] even if he does good for you," he told his audience.

"You hate him with a passion. Don't feel sorry for any Britons in Tunisia. Don't feel sorry for any factory workers in France. Don't feel sorry for any temple worshippers in Kuwait."

Mohammed was never charged in relation to that speech - but it was not the only one sowing division.

Days later in a meeting held in the town's St Margaret's Church, another speaker, Mohammed Alamgir, said: "The sun has already set on the British Empire and the sun has started to rise for this Islamic State.

"Freedom and democracy is dead… a handful of Muslims, the so-called extremists and the so-called terrorists, they've succeeded in destroying the ideology of the kuffar."
There is much more.

This highlights the need to monitor what is happening in the radical mosques in this country too.  In all of the meetings the undercover officer never heard a word os dissent from those listening to the Muslim preachers of hate.


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