Fact checkers fail on the question of Hillary Clinton's stamina

Alas for Messrs. Kessler and Borchers, they appear not to have checked in with one of the most famous and informed reporters in the entire history of the Washington Post. That would be one Carl Bernstein, famously of Nixon Watergate Woodward and Bernstein fame. Carl (full disclosure a CNN commentator colleague of mine) writes books these days, and way back there in the ancient time of 2007 wrote a great biography titled: A Woman in Charge: The Life of Hillary Rodham Clinton. And what do we find on page 313? This, bold print supplied by me:

"More than Bill, she was physically exhausted; she lacked his stamina and was losing weight. A newspaper story noted archly that Hillary 'looks thinner than ever, even though she confesses that her exercise regimen has gone the way of the middle-class tax cut since she moved into the White House.' On trips to the Hill, her aides noticed how she would perform perfectly during an appointment, then immediately afterward begin yawning and then collapse in the car on the way back to the White House.

Say again, after a trip to Capital Hill “her aides noticed” that “then immediately afterward (she would) begin yawning and then collapse in the car on the way back to the White House.”
I have mostly ignored the Hillary health issues, but she does appear to be short of stamina running a low-energy campaign.   What this story indicates is that many in the media are more committed to her campaign than they are to the facts.


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