Internal documents show chaos inside ISIL

Daily Beast:
What appear to be internal documents from the administration of the so-called Islamic State, obtained exclusively by The Daily Beast, show the terrorist organization under strain from financial misappropriation, embezzlement, alleged infiltration by anti-ISIS spies, and bureaucratic infighting.

These documents, originally captured by a Syrian rebel group near Damascus, are stamped by official ISIS “ministries.” They show the dollar salaries ISIS paid to its jihadist fighters, at least as of a year ago, in addition to other income earmarked for those fighters’ dependents.
They also yield more proof of the extraordinary amount of red tape (and somewhat comedic human frustration) involved as ISIS leaders try to regulate everything from the requisition of weapons and ammunition to the allowance of vacation time.

The entire file was shared by Maher al-Hamdan, a media spokesman for the Ahmad Abdo Brigade. This Syrian rebel group receives ammunition and financial support from the Military Operations Command in Amman, Jordan, meaning it is backed by the United States and other Western and Arab countries party to the “Friends of Syria” coalition.

According to al-Hamdan, everything was retrieved from the corpse of a slain ISIS military commander known as Abu Ali al-Iraqi, who was killed on June 8, 2016, in a clash between Ahmad Abdo insurgents and the jihadists in an area near the Syrian-Jordanian border.

“We lost one soldier; four were injured,” al-Hamdan claimed over Skype. “ISIS lost 19, including Abu Ali al-Iraqi.”

The documents are mainly bits of correspondence between other ISIS officials and are embarrassing to a messianic movement that proclaims it is growing in strength and expanding its dominions in spite of nearly three years of attritional warfare and battlefield losses across Iraq and Syria.
There is more.

For an outfit with this many problems, it is still capable of sponsoring mass murder attacks from the Middle East to Western Europe and the US.  It does appear to be morphing more into a terrorist organization using a raiding strategy than its earlier iteration where it engaged in combat persisting operations taking and holding real estate.


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