Polls show Cruz closing in on Trump

Fox News:
The Republican field has narrowed and so has the race for the party’s nomination: front-runner Donald Trump and Ted Cruz are within the margin of error in a new Fox News national poll on the 2016 election.

Trump remains in the top spot with 41 percent support among GOP primary voters, while Cruz has 38 percent. John Kasich gets 17 percent.
The poll finds that by a 48-35 percent margin, Cruz bests Trump among “very” conservative voters.

White evangelical Christians give the edge to Trump: 43 percent vs. Cruz’s 39 percent.
The white evangelical vote is still a puzzle to me.  It is like the college dean siding with the Animal House fraternity.

A Bloomberg poll shows what a disastrous candidate Trump would be in the general election.  He currently trails Hillary Clinton by 18 points despite her own high negatives.

Dan McLaughlin notes:
Even while Trump leads Cruz among Republican voters in this poll (40-31, and 48-44 head to head), they give responses that suggest why Trump would do so badly with general election voters:

Has the better temperament to be president? Cruz 63, Trump 27
Embodies traditional moral values? Cruz 64, Trump 20
Is the most honest and trustworthy? Cruz 45, Trump 36
Has the most appropriate life experience to be president? Cruz 47, Trump 43

Yeah, let’s go with the guy who our own voters think is temperamentally unsuited to the job, has no morals, is not honest or trustworthy, and lacks the relevant experience. That will end well.
There is also good news for Cruz in Wisconsin where he leads Trump in a tight race.  It also appears that Scot Walker will also be endorsing Cruz.


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