Muslim terrorist in Belgium were on US watch list

The brothers who carried out the airport and metro suicide bombings in Belgium’s capital this week were known to US authorities and listed in American terrorism databases, television network NBC reported.

The report cited two unnamed US officials as saying that Ibrahim and Khalid El Bakraoui were listed as a “potential terror threat” in US databases but that they would not specify on “which of the many US terrorism databases the brothers were listed.”

The National Counterterrorism Center, which coordinates US intelligence on extremist threats, did not respond to requests for comment from AFP.

Prior to the deadly attacks, the Belgian brothers had long rap sheets with criminal convictions related to carjackings, robberies and shoot-outs with police.

Details now emerging show that the three Brussels attackers were known to Belgian authorities but somehow able to slip through security.

Ibrahim El Bakraoui, who blew himself up at the Brussels airport, was deported by Turkey to the Netherlands in July 2015 as a “foreign terrorist fighter,” Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdogan has said.
I suspect the forces of political correctness made it difficult for law enforcement to keep a closer eye on these radical Islamist mass murders.  Even now they are recoiling at suggestions for increased policing in Muslim communities in the US as if that is somehow going to create a bigger problem than allowing mass murders to plot.

Liberals seem to think that Muslims are too weak minded to know the difference between policing that would also protect them from the radicals or a reincarnation of the SS.  They need to treat Muslims more like adults than weak minded emotional cripples.

The man arrested has ties to the recently captured terrorist in Belgium who was allegedly part of the original Paris mass murder attack.


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