Surveillance of Muslim communities needed to defeat terrorism

Andrew McCarthy:
With no hope of winning an argument on the facts, demagogues resort to the argument ad hominem. Too often, it works. And in the modern “progressive” West, no demagogic tactic works better than branding one’s political adversaries as racists. That is why the Muslim Brotherhood, the world’s most influential Islamic-supremacist organization, dreamed up the term “Islamophobia.” It is why Western progressives, stalwart allies of the Brotherhood, have lustily embraced the Islamophobia smear tactic — even sought to engrave it in our law, in brazen violation of the First Amendment. It beats trying to refute the irrefutable nexus between Islamic scripture, sharia supremacism, and jihadist terror.

It beats trying to rationalize the sheer idiocy of a policy, their policy, that idealizes Islam as the irenic monolith they would like it to be, rather than the complex of competing and contradictory convictions it is. Of the latter, the most dynamic is the conviction that Islam is an alternative civilization determined to conquer the West by force, by political pressure, by cultural aggression, and by exploiting Western civil liberties (liberties that are forbidden in the sharia societies Islamists would impose).
Islamophobia is a made up disease designed to stifle legitimate criticism of Islamist radicals.   The hysterical reaction to Cruz's common sense plan to deal with radical Islam it typical of the left in this country especially those concentrated in the media.  It is preposterous to claim that working with the Muslim community to find radicals will only create more of them.  To think that, you have to think Muslims are irrational people.

Here is more on the illogical liberal reaction to the terror attacks in Europe.

I think the Washington Post Editorial Board is wrong in their assessment of Cruz's policy:
Mr. Cruz’s irresponsible rhetoric on Muslims
It is irresponsible to not go where the terrorists try to bore into neighborhoods and sell their religious bigotry and hate.   I think one of the major problems with the opponents of community policing in these neighborhoods is that they do not seem to comprehend that it is the radical Islamists who are the religious bigots and not those trying to stop them.


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